copy of SNOMASTER Cool- & freezebox Classic 56D

copy of SNOMASTER Cool- & freezebox Classic 56D

SNOMASTER Cool- & freezebox Classic 56D

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SNOMASTER Cool- & freezebox Classic 56D

CLowProfile Series coolers and freezers are SnoMaster's top of the line models. Outer shell, interior and all fittings are mostly made of stainless and durable stainless steel and aluminum for a long life. The powerful 66 watt compressor provides the best cooling performance. The Low profile series was specially manufactured for operation under cargo space covers and optimized for the high temperatures that occur there.

The coolers can operate on 12 and 24 volts DC and 100 to 240 volts AC. The fully equipped boxes come at no extra charge with, among other things, solar radio remote control, metal insert baskets, protective cover, crown cap opener and battery monitor.

All two-compartment boxes are equipped with two hinged lids to protect frozen goods from thawing. The distinguishing feature of the series is the thickness of the polyurethane insulation. (60 mm for the LowProfile Series)

Number of cooling or freezing compartments - Two cooling or freezing compartments

Insulation - 60 mm

Volume - 41 & 51 L

Weight - 39,5 Kg

Width - 58 cm

Height - 47 cm

Length - 99 cm

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