Alu-Cab Dachzelt Expedition Gen3 R black

Alu-Cab Dachzelt Expedition Gen3 R black

The legendary Alu-Cab roof tent in black

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Alu-Cab Dachzelt Expedition Gen3 R black

The legendary Alu-Cab roof tent in black color.

The Alu-Cab roof tent is one of the best hard shell roof tents on the market. Made entirely of aluminum, it withstands the toughest loads and can be opened and closed in no time.

The tent has a length of 2.30 m, is 1.40 m wide and weighs 76 kg. A comfortable interior height of 1.60 m, LED lights and USB plugs make this tent a comfortable place to sleep.

The new design with the beveled and slightly rising upper shell as well as with the sides drawn in at the front is much more elegant than the previous version and cannot be compared with other aluminum roof tents. The exciting alternation between aluminum quintet checker plate and smooth aluminum sheet gives the roof tent additional attractiveness. Its current design makes it more aerodynamic and offers less resistance to the wind. This improves handling at high speeds and reduces wind noise and fuel consumption.

The roof, which is additionally reinforced by two integrated cross-members and is very stable, can be used to transport loads, mount a solar system or even as a viewing platform.


The Alu-Cab roof tent Expedition not only fits perfectly to the Alu-Cab hardtops, but is the first choice for all those who want to leave their roof tent permanently on the vehicle. Aluminum is durable, corrosion resistant and does not age due to UV light. In addition, aluminum is insensitive to temperature fluctuations. Stone chips will cause scratches or dents at most, but will not leave a hole in the tent shell, unlike GRP tents. Also, for those who like to bolt a lot of things to their tent, an aluminum roof tent is the best choice.

Attaching holders for headlights, jacks, shovels, antennas, jerry cans, solar panels, etc. is easy. Sportsmen can easily transport e.g. kayaks, bicycles or skis on the roof. An additional storage box can also be attached. Sleeping bags, pillows and bedding can of course be stored inside the closed tent.


To open the tent, simply unlock the two rear latches, lift the end slightly and the tent opens as if by itself thanks to the built-in gas springs.

The three entrances are fitted with mosquito nets, with the rear entrance also having a guyed canopy for protection from sun and rain. This is held open by two quick-action tension poles. Laterally, the tent is pulled down slightly over the entrances. This allows the top zipper to be opened for ventilation without allowing rain to enter. The wider top shell compared to the tent provides additional protection in the rain.

A circumferential elastic pulls the tent fabric inward when closing the tent and prevents tent fabric from getting caught between the two shells or the gas struts. Placing the gas struts on the outside prevents mattress restrictions and tent fabric above bed cover from getting caught when closing. Condensation on the gas springs is not a problem, unlike the springs mounted inside the tent.

If necessary, the tent can be secured against unauthorized opening by one or two padlocks.


Both the floor and the roof are equipped with closed, porous polyethylene foam. This provides good insulation and insulating properties, against cold and also against heat. This increases comfort and at the same time reduces condensation in the tent. The roof is also covered with a multi-layer quilted fabric.

The two-layer 400 g/m² tent fabric is waterproof and UV resistant. The rip-lock finish prevents it from tearing further in case of cuts. All seams are sealed for waterproofing.

Comfortable sleeping is ensured thanks to a 75mm thick, high-density foam mattress. Its cover is removable by zipper for washing. On the roof is a storage canopy with several pockets for storing small items.

In 2019, the electrical system in the tent was renewed. A new system of 9 LED lights, evenly distributed in the interior on swivel joints, provides more light. These are conveniently operated with a switch near the bed. There is also an additional double 12V cigarette lighter and USB ports for charging your electronic devices.


The two outer longitudinal profiles on the underside of the tent are equipped with C-rails on the outer sides. These are used to mount the tent and can also be used to attach accessories. Two flat aluminum profiles with C-rails are also attached to the tent top shell. Alu-Cab roof racks or any other accessories can be fixed to these.

Standard M8 hexagonal screws (DIN933) can be inserted into the Alu-Cab specific C-rail profiles on the bottom side of the tent. Truss-head screws with a square set (DIN603) fit into the C-rails on the sides and on the roof. This makes it very easy to use, as no special retaining plates or slot nuts are required, and in conjunction with a lock nut it is also very reliable.

Of course, for mounting accessories or the tent itself, it is also possible to simply drill through the aluminum shell. Something that is not possible or only possible to a very limited extent with a GRP tent due to the risk of breakage and cracking. Attaching accessories in the headliner is possible on the two cross braces.


Length - outside: 2.300 mm/ inside: 2.100mm

Width - Outside:1.400 mm/ Inside: 1.300mm

Height Closed - Front: 210mm/ Rear: 280mm

Height Opened - Inside: 1.600mm/ Outside: 2.000mm

Weight: approx. 78kg

In 2019, the electrical system in the tent was renewed. A new system of 9 LED lights evenly distributed around the interior on swivels provides more light. These are convenient to operate with a switch near the bed. There is also an additional double 12V cigarette lighter and USB ports for charging your electronic devices.

The new Alu-Cab Gen 3-R roof tent in black! 

The new Alu-Cab Gen 3-R roof tent is very similar to the Expedition Gen 3.1! However, it brings some novelties with it. These start with the design of the roof - the structures on the roof were made by a certain roll form and bring the whole tent a better stability! 

The tent also has connections for a solar panel and a parking heater. In the interior, as usual, you can find the mesh pad, the plug for USB or a charging option and LED interior lighting. The pocket system on the headliner has been expanded and is now larger than the Gen 3.1. In addition, it now has a rear and side rain cover!

Length outside: 230cm - Length inside: 210cm

Width outside: 140cm - Width inside: 130cm

Height open - outside: 200cm - Height open - inside: 140cm

height closed - outside: 21cm - height closed - inside: 28cm

New design

3kg lighter than the Gen 3.1

Connection for fan heater

LED lighting inside 

Foam insulation

Solar panel connector

USB port

Pocket system in the headliner

Weight: 76kg

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