Ford Ranger Roll Bar Set 4 with Lazerlamps Triple-R 750 Gen2

Ford Ranger Roll Bar Set 4 with Lazerlamps Triple-R 750 Gen2

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Ford Ranger Roll Bar Set 4 with Lazerlamps Triple-R 750 Gen2

The headlight holder fits the Ford Ranger to the original

Roll bar , is attached with 2 pieces 76 pipe clamps.

Material: stainless steel in black powder coated

with cutout for third brake light.

 LAZER LAMPS Triple-R 750 Gen2 with parking light function in white or amber

LED driving lights with E-mark. Four 11 watt LEDs. Range-optimized light distribution. For road use.

With a luminous flux of 4,620 lumens, the Triple-R 750 gen2 headlight is more powerful than a xenon spotlight or like approximately four H4 halogen spotlights. The spot light distribution provides an excellent range of approximately 865 meters. With an ECE approval as a driving lamp, the Triple-R 750 Gen2 may be installed on the vehicle legally and without registration. The reference number is 35

The headlights have a width of 230 mm, a height of 73 mm and a depth of 103 mm. The weight is 0.78 kg.

They are mounted using a central bracket that slides and can be mounted on the top or bottom. An optional side mounting kit is available.

Developed based on the requirements from professional motorsports, the Triple-R series LED headlights set a new standard. The headlights are available in five sizes ranging from four to 28 LEDs, each with 11 watts of power, and in three finishes. They have an all-aluminum housing in black and, on some models, an optional silver color scheme, a Gore-Tex ventilation membrane and an electronic temperature management system through which the individual LEDs can always be operated in the optimum power range. The special vacuum-metallized reflectors further increase the optical efficiency. The front is made of almost indestructible polycarbonate.

The spot light emission has been optimized for maximum range in accordance with the requirements of rally and endurance motorsport, where driving takes place at very high speeds, by means of reflectors specially shaped for each individual LED. While the ST and T series headlights also illuminate the roadside directly in front of the vehicle, the Triple R headlights are optimized for range and only achieve maximum lateral illumination from about half the range. However, compared to the hybrid light emission of the ST and T series, this results in up to five times the brightness value at peak.

Due to the mounting position of the LEDs and the indirect radiation via the hat reflectors, there are fewer vertical changes in the light cone while driving. This results in better visibility in rain or fog compared to conventional headlights with LEDs in the center of the reflector. Careful tuning of the light temperature results in sharper contrast boundaries and improves visibility.

ECE approval

The Triple-R headlights with position light are also approved as position lights and driving lights according to ECE regulations.

Scope of delivery:

1x roll bar bracket set for Ranger LTD roll bar with 76 bracket clamps.

4x Lazerlamps Triple-R 750 Gen2 with parking light function and with 4 central holders

1x cable set with extension

1x radio relay 40A

Mounting material like screw set etc.

Completely pre-assembled, cable set ready for connection !

Parking light function selectable in white or amber, please specify when ordering !

Will be custom made for you when ordering - delivery time about 1 week !

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